VIVESCENCE has developed a line of specific products and treatments for beauty professionals.

High precision treatments

Specially designed for professional use in beauty salons, the VIVESCENCE® professional line products have formulas with a maximum concentration of active ingredients.

We offer different treatment protocols that can be adjusted according to the needs and concerns of each skin. Each protocol has been developed by skin experts and for use by skin professionals. They can be instrumentalized or not and allow a 360° personalized treatment with :

  • 1 personalized diagnosis adapted to the problem of the moment,
  • 1 prescription tailored to the patient’s needs,
  • 1 high performance customized treatment, inspired and recognized in the medical field
  • 1 specific care relay program for the home

Our mission: To provide each person with visible, immediate and long-term results and, above all, to guarantee unparalleled anti-aging expertise.

Among the professional line treatments

C+C Brigtening treatment Collagen + Vitamin C

A new treatment concept for immediately visible results! Intended for all skin types and recommended for dull complexions, with wrinkles and pigment spots.

• Moisturizing
• Regenerating
• Radiance enhancer

Deep peelings

Ultra-effective peels, adapted to different skin textures, enriched with A.H.A and B.H.A, to reveal a new, smoother, softer, more luminous and rejuvenated skin.

• Resurfacing
• Smoothing
• Anti-aging

Customized treatment

Personalization at its best.
The beautician builds the treatment for you by choosing the products that best meet the needs of your skin according to its current reality.

Our exclusive device

Lifto Metric

Professional skin diagnosis + prescription for comprehensive and personalized care. Professional treatment with 4 customizable steps and exclusive technologies integrated into a transversal and emblematic CARE protocol.

Always with you

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, VIVESCENCE® Laboratories are reinventing biocosmetic intelligence for a long-term vision of prolonging youth and beauty.

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