VIVESCENCE is « Science you can see ». Our brand, a pioneer in Neurocosmetics, has been concentrating its research and development efforts for the past 15 years on designing high-performance skin care products that visibly and lastingly revive your skin’s youthful appearance. 



“Science you can see”, was born from the desire to offer each person a tailor-made anti-aging solution, thanks to science. For 15 years now, we have been offering high-performance treatments that guarantee exceptional results in terms of the beauty and vitality of the skin.

Each VIVESCENCE formula is designed to address the 3 major pillars of beauty:

  • the treatment of the signs of aging
  • the radiance of the skin
  • maintaining a good level of hydration.

Safe formulas with pure water from the Swiss Alps

A cosmetic formula is composed of an average of 60% water. VIVESCENCE is one of the few cosmetic brands to use extremely pure water to formulate its products: Vouvry spring water. Coming directly from the Swiss Alps, this water benefits from a still preserved environment in the heart of the mountains and flows through the rock, protected from any contact, to the small village of Vouvry where our laboratory is located.

Vouvry spring water is renowned for its exceptional composition and its extreme softness, which makes it an ally of choice for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It contains Magnesium, responsible for the production of energy in the cells and the hydration of the skin, it also contains Calcium which increases the resistance of the skin and makes it smoother, softer and healthier. Finally, unlike city water, it contains no endocrine disruptors.

Formulas with neuro-cosmetic technologies

It has been scientifically proven that the brain can influence the skin’s behavior through the nervous system. Information between the brain and the skin is transmitted through neurotransmitters, which send messages to the fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.

With age, an imbalance in communication is created, the skin is less protected and the first signs of skin aging appear (wrinkles, sagging, loss of density, etc.).

Research in neuro-cosmetics has shown that certain active ingredients can help boost the activity of neurotransmitters and thus revive communication. 

In its formulas, VIVESCENCE relies on these neuro-cosmetic active ingredients to reactivate the skin’s natural youth mechanisms. We use cocktails of ultra-performing active ingredients specific to each range in order to preserve

  • Vitality
  • The optimal level of hydration
  • The original radiance of the skin

Professional formulas available in beauty institutes

Because our wish is to specifically and individually take care of the concerns of each woman concerned about her skin, VIVESCENCE is a brand that is only distributed in beauty institutes and spas. Our professional treatments for the cabin and our personal care for the home allow a 360° care: 

  • Step 1: Personalized diagnosis in the Institute with a beautician
  • Step 2: Personalized and pedagogic prescription
  • Step 3: Customized treatment, instrumentalized or not, inspired and recognized by the medical field
  • Step 4 : Relay program of specific skincare for home

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